Let us relieve you of the stress and physical effort of moving so you’re free to relax and enjoy your new home and your new community on day one.

About Graceful Transitions

Our Mission

Graceful Transitions provides compassionate, comprehensive, and customized downsizing and moving services to seniors. With gentle good humor and cheerfulness, we work diligently and creatively to meet the unique needs of our clients, putting minds at ease and building trust as we work together to create a new living space that is functional, attractive, and comfortable, and truly feels like home.

About Graceful Transitions

Graceful Transitions is a full-service move management company dedicated to providing the highest quality services to seniors who are downsizing into smaller living quarters, retirement communities and assisted living facilities. We recognize that each client’s situation is unique and pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to your move. We tailor all of our services to meet your particular needs and, with your input, coordinate and manage the many details of your move including sorting, downsizing, floor planning, scheduling, dispersal of unwanted possessions, and move day set-up.

We at Graceful Transitions value the relationship we forge with you and your family as we work through the move process together, and our enthusiastic team of move professionals derive great satisfaction from helping to create your new home.

Meet the Owner of Graceful Transitions

Donna Eichelberger - Graceful TransitionsDonna Eichelberger
Senior Living Specialist, Senior Move Manager

Growing up in Mount Airy, MD, Donna always felt drawn toward helping people, and wanted to become a Social Worker. To translate this dream into a career, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Gerontology from Hood College. In the ensuing years, she married her husband, Paul, earned a Master’s in Education with a concentration in counseling from Old Dominion University, and was a counselor in a university setting for 16 years.

When her parents retired and decided to downsize in 1999, Donna and her husband were able to purchase her childhood home. They renovated the house to make it more open, efficient and convenient, a design that would accommodate her parents’ eventual aging in place. As her parents grew older, Donna found that her university employer was less than willing to give her the time off she needed to care for her parents’ growing needs. She realized the only way she could have the flexibility to address her parents’ needs and the ability to bring in a second income was to start her own business.

Donna began researching what business might combine her social work and caregiver experience with her background in counseling and gerontology. She learned that as the population is aging, busy families are having difficulty meeting all the needs of their children, their careers and their aging parents. So, out of her own necessity and her desire to help seniors and their families, Donna started Graceful Transitions in 2007, and entered the growing field of move management and senior services.

Donna truly enjoys getting to know her clients, hearing their stories, learning about who they are and what they have experienced in their lives. She and Paul still live in Mt. Airy, and Donna looks forward to helping many more seniors make their own graceful transitions.

A word from Donna...

Hello and Welcome to Graceful Transitions...

The move management industry focuses primarily on downsizing and moving but it is - at its very core - all about providing service to people. With 20 years of social work experience and a strong desire to help others, a move into the senior living field was a natural fit for me. I saw an opportunity to touch the lives of those who’ve lost a loved one, experienced health issues, or found themselves leaving their longtime family home in a very concrete and meaningful way, and Graceful Transitions was born.

Since its inception in 2007, our company has helped hundreds of seniors make the complicated and daunting transition into a new living environment. My goal as a business owner is to provide our clients with comprehensive, top-notch moving services, and to do so in an exceptionally thoughtful and personal way. This goal is shared and put into action by the wonderful team of compassionate, dedicated, hard-working individuals who make up Graceful Transitions. I’m proud that our company receives referrals from clients, retirement communities, geriatric care managers, Realtors and a host of other professionals in the senior care industry who recognize and value our work.

It is my joy to actively engage in helping others help themselves, and I look forward to partnering with you and your family as you go on this life journey.

All the best,

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